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Sceptics – Part 3: Seeing The Future and Reading The Signs

(I began this third article in this series a couple of years ago in Feb 2012, edited it and added more in Oct 2012 but then never completed it. I’ve decided I will publish the incomplete piece now since it’s still a big chunk to read and if I get time, will finish it off at a later date).

In my previous article in this series, I spoke about some of the factors which affect a Psychics understanding of the imagery they see internally. In this piece I will look at some of the external signs of spirit communication, Carl Jung’s ‘synchronicity’ and other factors which play a part in attempting to predict the future.
Different Forms of Insight
Unlike a Medium, a psychic often has the ability to look into a sitters past, present or possible future. Whilst their work may be assisted by spirit, I personally feel that it has more to do with tapping into energy. To energy and light, time and space are no barrier, so it shouldn’t really matter how great a distance there is between a sitter and their subject, nor should it matter if their subject is in the past or future.

In my own readings I have had visions of things from both a persons past and their possible future. Technically only the very second you are experiencing right now is your ‘present’ as everything you have just read for example happened a minute ago and is now in the past and if you plan on reading to the bottom of this article then you have a fairly good idea of what’s going to happen in your immediate future. But from there the famous ‘butterfly effect’ of chaos theory kicks in and presents you with several, admittedly minor in this case, variations on how the future may manifest itself.

So you’re enjoying the article (I hope!) and plan to read to the bottom. Chances are you will just sit there and do just that. But some of you may decide to stop halfway through and make a cup of tea or open a can of coke. Some of you might receive an unexpected phone call. Some of you might be reading this in an outdoor location on an iPhone or tablet PC of some kind and you lose your Wi-fi connection to the internet as your train goes into a tunnel, or the wind picks up in the park your in and you decide to head somewhere less drafty since you didn’t bring a coat. Any of these things and a million more might happen and either prevent or delay you from completing this article in one session.

And just as you could not have predicted that there would be a cold breeze when you made the decision to leave your house on a sunny day without a coat, a psychic divining the future equally has to navigate paths filled with myriad possibilities, choose the most likely and present these to the sitter like a weather forecaster. And like weather forecasts, some are right on the money, others are pretty close but not quite right and others are hopelessly wrong.
I always like to give the example to my sitters of a scene where I give them a reading and predict they will become a famous writer because on that day and at that time that feels like a very likely outcome for the individual. It’s considerably less likely, though still possible, that the person wanted to be an actress instead and disillusioned with my vision, throws themselves under a bus as soon as they step out of my home. As they go under the wheels of the bus they could shout at me with satisfaction that I was wrong about their bright future and that my reading ‘sucked’. As I said, this is very unlikely to happen, but any one of them could achieve that were they so determined and they would indeed have proved my prediction entirely false.

So why wouldn’t I suggest to a sitter that they might throw themselves under a bus? I mean… if anything is possible how do I give them just one or two options with any degree of certainty. The answer to that is complicated by many factors. If I’m really on top form that day, not tired and tuned in well, then my information is more likely to be good. And the openness of the sitter also plays a role. If someone is sitting there with arms folded and an eyebrow arched in doubt, they are going to be very off-putting and much harder to read. Even if you were to close your eyes and ignore their body language (which I often do) then you’re still going to feel a hostile and resistant energy. This might sound like a very convenient way to explain why sceptics often fail to get good readings, but it really does play a part. And then you have to consider that people’s memories are not infallible. When put on the spot about details they haven’t thought of in years it can take a while for them to recall a fact. This happened in a group Mediumship I attempted with 5 of my younger friends one evening. I channeled several spirits and only one girl acknowledged the deceased mother of a friend of hers. I had in fact got a better hit with loads of correct details for the uncle of one of my best mates, but he wasn’t sure about it at the time and was a bit too afraid to speak up. As they were all under 22, many of them did not know anything about deceased family friends or extended family members, so it’s quite likely that I successfully channeled even more people, but my sitters were unable to identify any of them.

So many things can come in to complicate a reading and the psychic must somehow navigate all this to present the best information possible. It really isn’t an easy task and the sceptics should perhaps be more impressed that we get any hits at all. Instead, as I mentioned previously, they have set an impossibly high standard of expectation and it does nothing positive in terms of studying and understanding this (I’m gonna call it a ) ‘science’. Their approach is all wrong, and worse, their attitude actually holds back examination of psychic phenomena as getting it to work revolves entirely around the emotions of an individual and someone who is uncomfortable is not being given fair conditions for a test. It would be like giving someone who shapes wet clay and makes pottery a chance to demonstrate their skill by providing them with a stack of dry concrete and asking them to shape it without water, using their bare hands. It’s incredibly unfair and pretty much impossible.

Back to the Question

So back to my question; how does a reader choose which of the many possibilities in a persons future is most likely to happen and how do you present this information to the sitter? To answer this, I can only use examples of my own personal experience… and this may differ from the experiences of others, but chances are others out there will find they can work in this way too.

When I see the future (or the past for that matter) I get images in my minds eye, much like recalling one of my own memories. And like memory recall, a great deal of detail is available, but we tend to pick up on the most obvious elements within the image first. Central objects, figures or structures… if you relax and broaden your mind you will realise you have already picked up on the setting or other sensory details which you’ve just accepted without question and then fail to communicate to the sitter. This is something I’m guilty of all the time. I will say that I see a ball for example, and just accept that this ball is in a garden filled with distinctive orange flowers.. but I may neglect to give the garden or the flowers to the sitter.. this could be very significant to them of course and the reader has missed a chance to score a ‘hit’. Without the context of the setting, the ball could mean almost anything to the sitter. And failing to describe it also does the psychic a disservice. I once got a large beer stein for a close friend of mine.. and it didn’t jump out at him particularly… when I described the detail however, he jumped with recognition as I was describing a family heirloom particular to a member of his family I was getting in through mediumship in the session.
This of course does not explain yet how I can see the future, or which future I’m to choose from, but it explains the process of visualising things and how the information is received. With looking into the future the first step is to clear your mind and ask a question. I like to start with what looks like a blank blackboard and watch as information swirls in to view. The first images that fill the space on the blackboard are usually moving images, or occasionally stills with a limited cycle of repeating movement, much like the portraits in the halls of Hogwarts in Harry Potter. The strongest imagine comes forth first, and I am then able to describe what I’m seeing in detail. If however someone were to ask me.. will my new husband and I live happily ever after.. and I try to see a video of that possibility and I get skant detail or merely blackness then it often means that future is much less likely than something else. It can alternatively also mean that I’m simply not allowed to share that information with the sitter. If the future is uncertain, I get black fog or mist, with brief glimpses of things.. the less likely the less glimpses… the more likely… the clearer the picture… over time each psychic will devlop their own personal set of indicators for doing this.. I tend to get percentages too for example, indicating the liklihood of a possibility. If I don’t get any smoke and just sold blackness, it either means I’m being blocked from seeing something or that future is so unlikely that they cannot even show it to me.

So sticking with the strongest visual in your minds eye, then trusting that all the detail you need to communicate is there somewhere in that image, is the first thing you need to do.

To be continued…  =)


I’ve decided to get a bit more active with my blog now… it’s sat inactive for a long time but publishing my unfinished article from 2 years back has stimulated interest in it and I’ve be delighted to get some new followers. So I the stuff I would normally just post to Facebook where I’m famous for my long rambling posts I will now also use as the basis for new articles.

In this one, I want to talk about a friend of mine. When I met him a couple of years ago, he was a heavy drug user, drug dealer and later tried being a gay male prostitute. I in fact attracted 2 guys with nearly the same issues and backstory at the same time that year… around the time I stopped writing my articles in fact.

Which brings me around to my point… as I feel now this cycle has come full circle. When they entered my life, I stopped writing. And now one has left and the other is about to, I find I am able to write again. Having the energy of these 2 people in my life has been seriously inhibiting my own flow.

Now, they weren’t around all the time.. there were large stretches where I did not speak to them for months.. but if I think about it, I attracted a few others in that time, that came and went, and all had similar stories and problems. I shouldn’t be surprised I attract them.. I have fallen into becoming something of a teacher, and also a natural healer, and I really like to help people because I empathise with them and their plights.

Late last year, one of the guys popped back into my life again… his energy is like a tornado. He arrives out of nowhere without warning and blasts you hard.  When there is a tornado in your face there can be no other focus in your life and quite literally everything ends up revolving around it – so too with this friend.

To use this analogy a step further, a tornado has an eye of it’s storm… if you have survived it’s initial onslaught of destruction, you will find yourself in that calm eye… but it is trap… and one I’m afraid I fell into. Because eventually the eye passes as it moves on, and the other side of the wind tramples all over you as it exits.

This friend showed up for a reading last year with his boyfriend and I hadn’t seen him for ages. I didn’t have time to even think, before I was sitting before with my cards. Now the readings turned out to be highly accurate. They were one of the best I’d done for a long time, and I was pleased. But I had predicted that the couple would break up, and in one weeks time they had done, with the other guy throwing my friend out of their shared room, even though my friend was the one who had paid the rent.

Now he was homeless… and earlier that same year, I too had found myself homeless, and so I empathised with his plight and offered him a blow up mattress on my floor. I said it would be just for one week, and that he wasn’t allowed to have sex with strange guys in my home or do drugs. And he didn’t… and after a week, he had caused no trouble. In fact his energy had lifted a great deal and I spent a lot of time helping him transform.. we changed his look, settled on one name for him since he was known by many, deleting his rent boy profile and took a new photo of him which attracted 60 likes in just a couple of days. He was blown away. We went out and got him a suit to wear, and he went through his possessions and chucked away lots of junk he had accumulated. It was great to see him so changed.

We talked further and I told him his grandfathers spirit was with him, as he has been at the reading, and a medium friend of mine even saw an old man walking around behind him. I said, if he was really ready for a change, then his grandfather would help him with this, but he had to make a commitment not to do drugs any more. He thought about it and agreed and within a couple of days all these amazing coincidences started happening to him. He would come back every day with a smile on his face, full of joy and excitement as this wonderful side of the universe began to reveal itself to him.

After 3 weeks, he moved out of my place and flew back to his family’s home in Europe where he planned to stay just a couple of months at the most until he could return and find work and get back on his feet. He ended up being gone several months, while I stored his remaining possessions here, and when he returned I gave him my months work while I went away to see my family in New Zealand for the first time in 8 years. I also invited him to move into my home, as I was literally just getting rid of my troublesome flatmates.

These people used to do drugs in my home and I have a real issue with this. Drugs put you in a vulnerable state with low energy unless they are taken in the right environment. Some natural drugs like Ayahuasca can enhance spiritual experiences, but they are always done in the presence of others who can protect you, and typically there is a ceremony which goes with it. These rites are not just formalities, they are absolutely vital for protection on the journey. And my flatmates used to smoke a lot of marijuana and do lines of ketamine and it bothered me greatly. I warned them that they could get dark entities attaching themselves to them, but they scoffed at the idea and sure enough within a few months, one of them had a horrible attachment.

One of my other housemates is a friend and also a medium and she came to me one day and mentioned this. We had both seen flashes of this horrible creatures face leering out at us through his and we’d noticed strange things going on around the house. The beautiful carved wood Buddha figure I’d given her to put by her room door for protection was turned to face the wall every morning. Which is a bit like inverting a cross frankly. One night she caught him doing it and he seemed in a bit of a daze like he didn’t know where he was. Eventually after some months of this, I decided I’d had enough and got them both kicked out of our place.

So when one of the 2 friends I invited in began doing drugs as well it was history repeating itself. I flew into a rage after a few weeks of it and had an intervention with him. He was shaken out of it and seemed to come right… for about 10 days.. then he was back at it again last night. I had to endure 14 hours of pounding trance music.. and not mediumship trance! I had told him that that music lowers vibrational energy to a very base animalistic level, but he doesn’t appreciate these things. By the late even my stomach was in knots, my hands were trembling, I had a pounding headache and felt sick, so I had to get out of the house.

This is the effect so many hours of that music has on me.. I was able to cope for a few.. I even play similar music myself on appropriate occasions, though not quite like that stuff. But it’s never on for long because of the effect it has on me. I got dressed to go out and took a walk around the block for a bit… immediately the tension eased and within 30 mins I was my normal self again.. I came back to my home and he was still at it.. the stream of random casual guys had left now… I don’t know if they’d been doing drugs.. they had definitely been drinking and the air was heavy with that drug kind of energy.. but the music was still on.. albeit very quietly. I couldn’t hear it in my room, but the energy in the house brought my symptoms rushing back. In the end I had to go out at 3am to get away from it.

Before I left, I told him what his selfish behaviour had done to me, this despite his promises just a short time before that he wouldn’t do any of this again. He didn’t apologise but came out with some bland, sarcastic reply thanking me for bringing this to his attention. When I returned a few hours later this morning.. I opened my door to find he’s slid a sheet of paper under it. 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration. I couldn’t believe it. This, coming from someone who’d just spent the past 24 hours operating on the lowest, most base, vibrational energy!

If I didn’t know him better I would have found it insulting, he’s so immature and naive that he actually thought it would be useful to me. I had to point out that I’ve been training every month in Trance Mediumship for 4 years (a highly specialised practise which takes decades to master usually), and teaching it for 1 year… it was like a 6 year old handed his teacher an ABC book and said, hey sir, this helped me last year, you might find it useful too.

This action really opened my eyes… I couldn’t quite believe that I hadn’t seen it before. I’d had a revelation a fee months back yes, when I realised that this guy was emotionally no more developed than a teenager. Which would be fine if he weren’t 29! And I’m 33, so we’re not so far apart in age. It never occurred to me to look at him this way.. even after all this time knowing him. I always saw someone with a good heart who had just lost his way and needed some help. But it dawned on me a couple of months back, that all the time I was trying to help him I had taken things too far. Loaning him money to buy a laptop, getting him work, letting him use all my things, furnishing his room for him with free items or things I gifted him… All of that was a step too far. I had crossed the line between helpful guidance and emotional support and stopping him from learning his lessons.

I returned home from New Zealand to find that he had been using my desktop computer and sleeping in my bed for a month! I left my key with him and said he could use the computer for a few days till he got himself a working laptop.. I even loaned him money and advanced his pay while I was away… meanwhile he left his rented room empty.. unfurnished, not even a pillow. He did absolutely nothing to set himself up while I was away till I got back and kicked him back into his own room. I should have seen it then.

But getting that printout under my door this morning was the final straw. This more than anything else he’s done in the past shows me the mistake I made in letting him into my home and going out of my way to help him like a doting parent. Help people yes, definitely.. I’m not here to judge where someone is at on their journey, I’m just here to give guidance as I myself receive guidance from those wiser than me. But you have to draw a line when you are being teacher and shut the classroom door at the end of the day and go home to a safe, relaxing, protected space where you can recharge you energy.

Instead I turned my home into the classroom, and it turns out I’m the only one learning any lessons in it. No more from now on. That was my last lesson of this nature. I realise from this that I compromise my personal happiness to help others… it’s a recurring problem. I go out of my way to do things to help them.. I will offer, or sometimes they ask. And they are always so grateful at the time, but later, the gratitude wanes and you are left with the attitude.

This friend of mine moves out in one week… going back home to Europe for the next stage of his journey. I wish him well in that and hope he remembers even one of the lessons I tried to teach him. I will never forget the lesson he taught me.

Proverb: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

My Lesson: Stop trying to lead the horse.. if it’s thirsty let it ask you where to find water, then point in the right direction.

Over the last few weeks a few people I know have hit what some of them have described as ‘rock bottom’. It seems everything in their lives is falling apart and they don’t understand what they’ve done to deserve this. Old issues from their pasts are rearing their heads and some of them have fallen into old problems with drugs, self harm and some are even contemplating taking their own lives.

It may not be much consolation to them, but I have been in this situation before myself. And the only thing that got me through it was the sense that there was a reason and a purpose to all this.

Things must get worse before they get better they say and this is true. All that you have been holding onto or not facing will come forward now to challenge you. For those who think they have moved on from their ‘demons’ their new resolves will now be tested to the extreme in order to pass.

You could use the analogy of an old wound buried beneath the surface that you’ve learned to live with and it’s never quite healed. Now it’s come to the surface and you’re feeling the pain again.. but it’s also a chance to clean that would out and let it heal properly. You will be left healthier and stronger afterwards… so if you find yourself in this position ask – what is it I’m not not letting go of?

I’ll use another analogy here… a sword is forged from a break down… a breakdown of metal as it melts under pressure and falls apart… but pour that metal into a new mold and with some beating into shape, the metal will form a new strong bond.. a sword you can wield to protect and defend.. even to attack when necessary. You can’t have the swords strength though until the meltdown has taken place and it needs time to cool after… like the wound I mentioned earlier it will still be tender after the catharsis.

Focusing myself on these thoughts… that I would come out stronger and healthier after the breakdown events each time they have happened.. has helped me get through them. They have happened so often to me now that they have almost become an inevitable thing which I know will becoming and I find I can now prepare for some of these things in advance by listening to that same nagging at the back of my mind before the wave hits me.

Right now I am selling, giving away or donating to charity about half of my possessions. Things I haven’t used much, or not for a while.. clothes that don’t really comfortably fit.. things I know I will never get around to using. It feels good to let it all go.. I have more space and my mind seems clearer. When I have to move house in the next few weeks it’s going to be a lot easier, even though I don’t yet know where I’m heading. Last time I fought this and wouldn’t let go of enough things and it cost me greatly and it was very difficult. I brought suffering and hardship on myself in part… it doesn’t have to be that way every time.

Ask your guides for insight and clarity for the issues you are going through right now (or ask for your friends if this doesn’t affect you). Ask for insight and meaning, to see the purpose behind the change and then stop fighting it and give over to the changes. Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back and invite the new experiences and changes into your life whatever they may be and then just go with that flow. The river is carrying you downstream. You can’t fight it.. there is no other direction to go in.. you can ride along with it or you can fight and resist all the way and end up ragged and exhausted or worse, drowned. There is at least some choice in this choice-less situation – how you choose to deal with it. I wish all those struggling right now the best of luck with whatever they are currently facing.

It’s my birthday today and I’ve just begun my 33rd year, nicknamed the Jesus year as it was at this age that he lost his life. It’s supposed to be significant and I’m certain it will be for me, and in ways I cannot foresee.

On 27th January, I decided that I would give notice on my place and move out at the end of February. I know we would have to leave this place around April anyway, but my guides told me I had to do it sooner. The thing is, I don’t have a ‘proper’ job at the moment.. in fact I haven’t have one for 18 months now since I stood up to the incompetent and corrupt new management at the school I worked at…  and I also don’t have anywhere lined up to go to when I leave here. To top it off, I’m not planning on renting either, as I know I need to save some money over the next few months.

My guides told me I would get work and other things would start moving again once I did this, but many friends have been asking me.. why did you give up your home when you had nowhere lined up to go to. I’ve also left work in the past, and been asked the same question, with no job waiting for me.

And I give them the same answer I will give you. In order to move our lives forward, sometimes we have to take the first step. Many will get stuck in a rut, waiting for something to go on to, all the while suffering and not moving forward. If you want to be the master of your own destiny, you have to take the first step sometimes and create that catalyst for a change in your life. Is that not better than merely moving with the breeze, like a leaf in the wind?

Yes it is scary.. but I have been through this before.. and my guides and helpers in the spirit realm (not to mention my own survival skills) have never let me down. This is an act of faith and trust. I know that they will provide me with opportunities and try to show them to me.. and for my part.. I need to be watching and listening for what I’m shown.. then ignore any uncertainty or fear, and act on them fast.

I’m sharing this story now, because I have just decided that I would walk the talk this year and share a bit of my life, as an example for others. As I write this, I still don’t have a home… but I did receive an invitation from an old friend to go overseas for a weekend at their expense which is a big deal to me as I’ve had virtually no holidays or trips in my life… and it also meant that my public trance demonstration in Balham has had to be cancelled.
I was going to work around this and keep the commitment, but I spoke to my teacher about it, (she was to appear at the demo with me) and she said she felt this was part of spirits plan for me and that I should go for the whole weekend. So I will, with her blessing and see what comes of it.

In my email inbox, I also noticed amongst the many messages and junk one or two things which glowed brightly and caught my attention. They are both acting opportunities, one down the end of my road, (which feels like it’s not a coincidence) the other in Spain (and this year my guides told me to learn Spanish, and go on a pilgrimage around Spain and Portugal which I presently have no way of affording yet have started preparing for..) and so it felt right to apply for these two opportunities.
I have already been asked to go in for a second audition for the local one.. perhaps I’ll get the job.. it’s not paid.. but I’m trusting my intuition on this…. and we’ll see about the other as I’m applying tonight.

I have no idea where this might take me, but I’m following the breadcrumbs that have been layed down for me… I’m selling at least a third of my stuff, as per my guides advice.. and have investigated storage options as well as house sitting arrangements over the last 2 weeks without any real idea of what is coming up. Seeing the job in Spain in my inbox tonight, I suddenly wondered if it was something I might get… who knows.. but it was something I had not been looking for, nor had I imagined it might ever happen.

And that’s what I love about living my life this way… true, there is no certainty like others have.. no regular pay check, no contracts, no fixed term on my home (I could have been kicked out with just 2 weeks notice at any time over the last 18 months in this place)… as a non-UK citizen I also cannot claim any benefit money.. I have no family in the UK (except the family I made for myself from good friends) and therefore pretty much no safety net.

Stay with me this year, and let’s see where life takes me, as I wing it and follow my intuition and advice from my guides and use the skills I’ve developed over the years for survival. It’s going to be an exciting ride, and I hope you will come along with me. Best wishes x =)

Sceptics – Part 2: Common Misconceptions About How a Psychic Works

In my previous article in this series, I spoke about some of the factors which affect a Mediums communication with a spirit on the other side. In this piece I will outline some of the difficulties facing a Psychic.

What Is The Difference Between A Psychic and a Medium?

A good place to start perhaps is in reminding ourselves of the difference between Psychics and Mediums. In my mind, a Medium is someone who communicates with the spirits of the dead and with spirit guides or other entities, such as Angels for example.
A Psychic on the other hand typically picks up on information through a series of visions seen through their ‘third’ or mind’s eye. Other senses may also be stimulated, such as their sense of taste, hearing, sight or smell. There is also the physical sense of temperature. Each Psychic is different and may use just one or any combination of these senses when picking up information. Some, like the well-known Scott Russell Hill in Australia and Alison Dubois of the ‘Medium’ tv show fame will receive the messages in their sleep. Many psychics such as myself also possess some sort of mediumistic ability and will use the two in combination.

Much like different types of Mediums can be broken down into different groups, like Trance Mediums, Physical Mediums or what I call ‘normal or standard’ mediumship, so too are Psychics put into general groups. A Clairvoyant is usually someone who ‘sees’ things, either with their physical eyes or with their third eyes. Personally I prefer to call a ‘third eye clairvoyant’ a clairsentient as they are people who sense things things rather than actually seeing them, but the movies you see inside your mind could also be considered a type of sight, ie ‘second sight’, so perhaps the distinction is not important. Clairaudients are people who actually hear voices externally, rather than inside their minds and so on.

Empaths are another group of gifted people who share close connections with those who are psychic in that they often experience the emotions of others. That is the key different between someone feeling empathy WITH someone and someone having sympathy FOR them. Understanding the suffering of another is not the same as experiencing their suffering with them.

When I do someone’s Tarot, I am mainly using my psychic ability. Occasionally spirits do present themselves and step forward and that’s when my mediumstic skill kicks in, but generally a Tarot reading relies solely on psychic insight.

The Game of Charades: Interpreting Psychic Symbols

The biggest problem that psychics face and one which few sceptics appreciate is how incredibly difficult it is to interpret the information we receieve. After many years of confusing imagery and sensory information it came as a real revelation to me one day when I realised that spirit often communicate with someone psychically through the use of symbols or memories which would have some meaning to the reader. Just to make life difficult though, some symbols will only make sense to the sitter. Trying to determine which are things personal to you and which are meaningful to the sitter can be an absolute minefield of hits and misses and is one of the reasons psychics so often appear to ‘guess’ things or change their answers. Yes, some people could be fishing for information or using skilled techniques for reading the body language of the sitter, but many sceptics, such as Derren Brown with his oft quoted accusations of Cold Reading very much overestimate the talent of many people who claim to be psychic.

As it happens I am an excellent reader of body language which is another of the reasons I keep my eyes shut during some readings, but I know that most people I know are absolutely hopeless at it! What seems blatantly obvious to me about someone is a complete shock to others. They fail to pick up on obvious body language and voice tone which indicates someone fancies or envy’s them or that they are being lied to. I usually react to this very strongly which to someone who can’t see these things and who doesn’t know me well can come across as irrational behaviour or an unjustified over-reaction. It seems to me that your average man or woman in the street can be fairly ignorant of micro-expressions and ‘vibes’. Even people skilled at reading these things are not easily able to reveal some of the information that psychics can come up with in a reading. I put it to the average sceptics to give it a go themselves using their untrained powers of observation and see how much accurate info they are able to discern.

Psychic imagery comes in two key forms. Firstly there is symbolic imagery where an image of say a rose could refer to someone’s name or nickname, favourite colour or flavour, the street they lived on, a job they did like say a florist or perhaps a scent they wore. It could also relate to the season they were born or died in, or even more tricky, it might not relate to them at all but to another individual with whom they were connected, such as a friend, relative, employer or in a murder case, the victims killer.

The other type of imagery is literal. You will see the actual face of a person, a house, a car, a colour, a flower or some other object of significance to the sitter. Ideally you should not disregard anything you see and should give everything to the sitter. However, in doing this you run the risk of also sharing many symbolic things which have been presented to you as clues to something else spirit are pointing you to and thus confusing the situation and putting the sitter off. In an ideal world a reader should being able to differentiate between which things should be shared directly and which should be considered first before sharing to discern their meaning. In practise many people are unable to do that, and even the ‘professional’ psychics with public profiles sometimes get that decision wrong. Coming back to the cryptic crossword analogy again a sceptic would have as much chance of working the clues out as a psychic would, yet they expect psychics to be spot on every time, without mistakes and that’s just not a realistic or fair standard to hold someone to. Some leniency is required but it is rarely given and this speaks more about a sceptics aim in being to confirm their own doubts over the validity of psychic intuition rather than open-mindedly testing their skills and exploring the nature of the phenomenon.

As I have said, I am an open-minded sceptic, so I question every experience I have and in fact it’s one of the rules in the workshops I have participated in with south London Medium Maggie Jones. We always question and ask for confirmation from spirit for everything. Some sitting in circles or workshops are afraid it would be offensive to spirit to keep asking, but their confirmation actually helps the developing individual weed out the imagined experiences from the genuine and solidifies their connection with their guides. I frequently ask for this and 8 times out of 10 get a clear message that I was right. More on the different ways spirit can communicate with people externally in the third article for the sceptics, but for now let’s look at my own experiences of symbolism in internal psychic communication.


For example, I was once sitting in a workshop in a spiritualist church in Stockwell and about 16 of us did a test of Psychometry. Psychometry is where a channel holds an object and picks up information about it’s past and the people it’s been connected to. We were all asked to put a small personal object that we carried around with us into a container and a cloth was placed over it. The group leader then went round and we each in turn took an object out from under the cloth, returning it only when we’d accidentally taken something that belonged to ourselves. Typically women will contribute an item of jewellery like a ring, earring, necklace or brooch. Men will put in rings or often keys. But as I was one of the last in the group to choose an item I was left with the rather large, unusual and very unpopular disposable camera one of the group had contributed. No one wanted to touch that! And I can’t say I was too thrilled about it myself. However it was to prove a most valuable opportunity.

For a start a camera is genderless. Anyone can carry one, so I had no idea just from examinging my object who it might have belonged it. Similarly they are ageless… young people and grandparents are equally likely to have a camera these days, and being a disposable one had the disadvantage to a fraudulent person of it being a generic standard design. You could not tell if it was the sort of things likely for an older person to know how to use just from looking at it. Lastly, it was black all over. So no helpful pink colours or stickers that might give something away. While the others examined their various keys, earrings, rings and chains (and in one case a chapstick), I turned the camera over in my hands and analysed it first from a scientific viewpoint. I could see that the item was worn on the edges, meaning it’s owner had had it for a while and likely kept it in some sort of bag. This could still equally point to a man or a woman. Being disposable and with around 6 pictures left on the reel, the owner had either bought it for one particular event, then failed to use all the snaps or they took pictures infrequently. I felt this pointed to someone older than some of the younger members of group but it was not particularly conclusive.

I decided to focus on the bag I saw the camera being kept in as a starting place, to try and determine the gender of the owner. I saw an image of a large leathery over-shoulder handbag in my mind’s eye and figured it belonged to a woman. As we had a greater number of women in the group than men, this did not narrow down the field greatly but was a starting point. From here my scientific, rational, analytical processes changed to more psychic and illogical thought. I began to get strong impressions of random images, like photographs in my mind. This is not unusual, but since I was holding a camera it was paticularly apt. I began to see still frames taken of various scenes, and made note of them to share with the group. An outdoor area, like a park with a high old brick wall, some kindof statue or monument and some young children playing. I saw flowers in the foreground in full bloom, specifically bright yellow daffodils and red tulips. I continued to receieve images like this for some time, before we were asked to stop and share our findings with the group. The owner was to remain silent until the channel had either identified them or failed to and given up. Whilst I did not correctly identify the owner of the camera, I had narrowed it down to one of just a couple of women. Little did I know, but I had already been given a strong psychic clue to her identity, but I had failed to interpret it.

Now this is not a failing of the information I channeled. That was correct. But it was given in the same form as a cryptic crossword clue, and we all know how difficult those things are to get. Have you ever tried to complete one? Typically I manage to answer about 2 questions out of 30. I’ve even read a brilliant guide in a paper years back on how to solve cryptic crosswords, but I still have only managed to increase my success rate to about 3 out of 30. Which is a pretty rubbish result. So it is perhaps unsurprising that so many psychics get stuff wrong or just fail to see what’s right under their noses. Naturally this prompts the usual ‘oh yes that’s why I was getting this, of course’ response, which to a sceptic sounds completely hopeless. This is very frustrating to the channel as they did in fact get correct information, they just failed to unravel it.

My clue was doubly confusing because it was presented alongside a similar image, but which had a totally different meaning. And that lay in the flowers. The group were suitably impressed when the owner of the camera confirmed I had accurately described undeveloped images contained on film within her camera. She told of having bought it some 6 months earlier to capture pictures of Spring and the decorations around Easter. The daffodils were completely accurate to this and did appear in some of the images, as did the children and park scene I described. The one thing I got wrong was the tulips she said. Not bad I thought, considering it was my first time doing this with a camera. I noticed the woman spoke with a strong accent and she explained that she came from Belgium. And suddenly the clue made sense. My father was Dutch and when I imagine Holland I always mentally picture a scene of Windmills surrounded by acres of fields of red and yellow tulips.. after that the wooden clogs and the taste of the ‘spekulaas’ biscuits he used to buy as a treat, which usually took the shape of children in traditional dress or windmills. The tulip was a message about the nationality of the owner of the camera, which had I picked up on it, would have revealed her identity as one of the few non-British members of the group immediately.

Now, she did not come from Holland, as I said, she came from Belgium, but I have no strong mental image for Belgium, other than perhaps chocolate, but that is so vague and common an item, the sight of chocolate does not always make me think of Belgium, rather Belgium makes me think of chocolate. So spirit took the nearest country I did have a reference for from my mind and tried to share it with me. Belgium and Holland of course share a major border and coastline and have cultural similarities. And then suddenly things started to click into place. I was taking the things I saw literally, when it’s not always possible to do that. Some clues are mixed in in an abstract way as symbols and require some decoding.

Pushy Spirits!

The second part of my understanding this came during a workshop I attended a couple of years later with the famous ‘psychic barber’ Gordon Smith. He and his co-host Billy Cook ran a day of activites which included having us pair up with other participants and try and give them a reading. This was the first time I had done ‘normal’ mediumship without going into trance and was a new experience for me. I described 3 people to the woman sitting in front of me and she kept saying no to everyting I shared and stared at me blankly. This was very discouraging. When we were later asked to change to a new partner, I felt very strongly drawn to an Indian woman and asked to read for her. As we began I got the exact same faces coming to me and said.. “for some reason I’m getting the same people as I got for the last lady, sooo… I’m just gonna go with it okay and we’ll see what happens”. Amazingly, all 3 of the spirits were positively described and recognized by the woman who said that she’d hoped she would hear from these people that day. Her pushy deceased friend and relatives had actually hijacked another lady’s reading and jumped the queue!

The reason this experience was significant to this article was the fact that the third person who came forward was a man who looked identical to a friend of mine. This threw me.. I said.. “for some reason I am seeing the face of a friend of mine” and as I began to describe him, I noted subtle differences between the two. Before I realised it, the man’s face had changed so much that I was able to recognise him as a unique and separate individual, albeit one with similar characteristics. This trigged the second part of my realisation of how the symbolism works. Once again a memory was drawn from my mind and used as a starting point to send me in the right direction. As it turned out, the man was very different from my friend, but using him as a starting point had helped me tap into his energy straight away.

One great demonstration of evidence a psychic can give is to accurately provide the name of a total strangers deceased loved one. As a big fan of the tv shows Sensing Murder, I have been very impressed with the accuracy of psychic Deb Webber who appeared in the Australian and New Zealand versions of the show. She consistently gets accurate information about the victim in the cases, relating to both letters and numbers. When I realised that I was failing to provide this imformation to my sitters, I realised I had to develop a system whereby spirits can point to a certain letter or number to help me spell out their name or date of birth / death. I have only been trying to do this for a few weeks so far and already I incredibly got the first 3 letters of someones name in a reading. I initially had guessed the entire name, but was incorrect. After several wrong guesses, all of which had started with the same 3 letters, I moved on, but could not let it go and came back to it later. The sitter then confirmed that the nick name by which this person was known did in fact start with these 3 letters. I could not have been more thrilled and will continue to develop this aspect of my ability.

Next I will explore ways spirit communicate with us externally and the nature of Carl Jung’s ‘synchronicity’.

Rex,  Robert.

Sceptics – Part 1: Common Misconceptions About How a Medium Works

I’ve recently read some with some frustration a lot of comment from sceptics criticising various aspects of Mediumship and the work of Psychics.

I can only respond by commenting on my own personal experiences of doing this work and hoping that it somehow allows these hardline aggressive characters to soften up a bit and be more open-minded.

Open-Minded Scepticism

Firstly, there is no on/off switch for the gifts we have. There are no manuals or step-by-step rule books which can guarantee a successful outcome. Unlike other skills people can develop over time there are no absolute tests which can be used to definitely assess someone’s ability. And finally there are a great many variables and outside factors which can influence an individual on any given day.

Because sceptics have taken an aggressively negative stance on their approach to assessing the validity of a psychics information and processes they hold them up to the kind of scrutiny that many trained professionals in other fields would also fail to stand up to. This is one of the biggest faults I find in their approach, and I say this as someone who is himself at least partly sceptical about these things.

I do not for instance accept every single thing that people tell me regarding spiritual matters, choosing instead to take it with a grain of salt and discover it’s value through my own tests and processes. Part of being an open-minded sceptic however means having to accept findings when they differ from your own expectations and this can be a very hard thing to do when they challenge long-held beliefs or prejudices.

How I Prefer To Work as a Medium

We are constantly bombarded with stories of fradulent mediums, table-rapping, people researching stuff online first and the big one, cold reading.
For this reason, when I conduct a session of Mediumship, I usually prefer to work with my eyes closed. This prevents me from seeing any body language from the individual I am reading for and often also allows me a greater depth in the connection as outside distractions are closed off.

I also ask that the sitter does not give me too much information. As I always say, it is our job to tell you not for you to tell us and I ask that they share their feedback at the end for verification as I do not wish to be accused of having been fed information or of having guessed it based on a person’s responses. The only information I usually ask if if, having given an initial description of the spirit I have with me, the sitter is able to recognize who I’m talking about, even if all the facts are not quite correct. Sometimes they do not take the person, though later some will suddenly remember a person who fits the description I gave. Unless they take the person fairly quickly, I tend to move on to someone they do recognize, as my main goal is to provide evidence of survival after death. That is one of the key motivators in doing this work and the main reason it’s vital we not recieve prior information before a sitting.

A good example of the benefit of this practice was when reading 2 women, one of whom was a friend of mine, the other was a total stranger. When reading for the stranger, she did not take the first person I described. She did not know who I was talking about, and although I could not see it, my friend later told me she was pulling faces at her indicating she was confused and didn’t know what I was going on about. When I moved on to the second spirit.. one who incidentally had come to me on the bus on the way to the girls house and whom I had dismissed, she immediately reacted. However, with my eyes shut, I was unaware of this. Having not been put off by her earlier reaction, I was equally not encouraged by this and she remained silent for a long time. As I got deeper into the reading, the spirit of one of her beloved relatives began to overshadow me and started controlling my hands to some extent. As I mimed a familiar action to the sitter she became emotional and began to cry. This was quite some time into the reading and was the first indication I had that I had given any accurate information to her. It kinda surprised me a bit, and I found it slightly off-putting as I now felt great pressure to continue giving her accurate information. Overall, it was satisfying to bring the girl proof that her loved one was still alive, albeit in another state, and remained a continuing presence in her life.

During a reading, there are occasionally times when I will ask the sitter to confirm a piece of information. This they sometimes do, and sometimes don’t, preferring instead to respect my iniatial request for no information. If I am confused for some reason I may need to ask the sitter to clarify something to help the reading move forward. One reason for this is where I detect the energy of two individuals who are closely connected and present themselves together. This can sometimes throw me as I try to separate the two energies.


As I’ve already mentioned, sometimes during a reading I will allow a spirit to overshadow me, if they request it. This is one of the additional benefits of being a Trance Medium. Typically they will do this when I ask them how they passed over. Overshadowing is where a spirit places their energy within your own and blends the two. It feels like you are merging with a second person and you lose partial control over parts of your body and your mind sometimes moves to one side to allow them greater control. I was told I was capable of doing this during a reading I recieved when I was 17 years old and the thought of it freaked me out a bit, so I understand how frightening this must sound to the casual reader. Back then I wanted no part of it, but now I embrace this experience as it is truly something special.

It’s not without it’s risks and not recommended for the uninitiated. Sometimes an attached or blended spirit may choose not to step back and release their channel when asked. The fear of possession is something that’s been exploited a great deal by tv shows and films but true possession is extremely difficult and rare. My Trance Control spirit is the one who allows the spirit to establish their connection with me in the first place and I can call on them to pull the spirit back when I need assistance. Usually the spirit does not mean any harm in this. My personal experience of this is usually they are trying to communicate something which I haven’t yet picked up on and in their frustration they insist on staying a bit longer and continuing to try. If you imagine this is your first and possibly only chance as a spirit to share something with a loved one in the physical plane then your not exactly going to give up that chance lightly. Other occasions have been where a spirit is disorientented, very afraid or where in life they suffered from some sort of mental illness or physical disability. Much like such people who are still living, a frightened child or friend may hold your hand a little too tightly… a disabled person such a Down’s Syndrome don’t realise their own strength. So it is for those people in spirit.

The aim of overshadowing me is typically to communicate how their physical body died (in response to my question) or to demonstrate an aspect of a mannerism which they exhibited in life as evidence of their survival after death for a loved one.
On two occasions a spirit has moved my hands in a distinctive way which mimed an action the sitter would associate with them and brought about instant recognition. As wonderful a piece of evidence as this is, it’s not something I can replicate every single time. A spirit may not have had any particular gestures which I could be used to demonstrate, or they may not have the skill to blend with me in order to achieve the demonstration. To a sceptic this would be considered a failure, because a requirement in any scientific study is the need for replication and consistent demonstration of something before several witnesses in controlled conditions. There is nothing controllable about a spirit anymore than you could expect every person standing in a post office queue to walk the same way to the till, to post the same type of letter to the same place and to lick their stamp in the same manner. Each individual spirit is as unique in death as we are in life, every Medium is also. The same spirit could communicate with 2 different mediums and produce different results. It’s not really easy in any way for scientific tests to produce regular, reliable results with this many variables, so the sceptics really ought to lighten up.

Many Variables

Other factors which must be considered include the health of the medium, both physically and emotionally.. perhaps they’ve been ill recently or very stressed… this can play a part in how clear they are as a channel. Perhaps they are just tired. No one is exactly the same at any given hour of any given day, so again this becomes a fairly impossible standard to which to hold someone to.

From the side of the spirit, the variables become even greater. In addition to being unique people they are trying to speak with someone who is in an entirely different state of being to themselves, and naturally they will have had little or no experience of doing this from their time in the world of spirit. Some passed in traumatic circumstances or with illness.. some had prejudices in life which make it difficult for them to even accept what is happening. Some are still in a damaged state, physically or mentally.

And then there are environmental factors to consider too. Whilst I don’t know too much about this, I know certain location have different energy to others. If your mobile phone cannot transmit or receive a signal consistantly in every location on the planet why should a spirit be able to do the same. Some spirits come through very strongly, clearly and brightly. This always means there will be some good evidence to share. But frequently this is not the case and the spirit may struggle to establish a connection. In these cases they feel very far away to me like a long distance phone call with a lot of interference in the signal rather than someone sitting right beside you. If only we had some way of measuring signal interference in spirit communication I think it would make a big difference as we’d be able to choose the best weather conditions and locations in which to work. Some spirits, such as my main guide Matthias draw energy from fire, so a lit candle will often strengthen his connection with me. I don’t quite know how this works, but I know that his prescence noticeable affects the temperature in a room, with those sitting either side of me often commenting on the sudden coldness they feel around them. Others sitting further away may not notice any such change, and this changes again if I channel a different spirit, like Robert. Why this happens I do not know. It is one of many many mysteries which surround the work I do, and I look forward to each new experience to add to my collective knowledge on the matter as it comes. Put this way, it does seem rather unreasonable of sceptics to expect so much of us when what we are attempting to do is such unchartered territory.

In the second part of this article, I will continue with the problems Psychics face with sceptics and interpretation of symbols.

Rex,  Robert.

Spirit Release/Rescue: Helping Earthbound Spirits Cross Over – Part 3

A continuation of my previous articles on my experiences to date of spirit releases.

The Marie Foster Centre

My stay at Gabriel House was very brief and I soon moved to an empty school in Brixton which was sadly a very new build meaning spirit attachment was unlikely. I sensed energy remaining in the school from a couple of spirits who had for whatever reason been present in the building.. attached to students, I felt. It was like smelling the fading exhaust from a car which had raced past, or seeing a melting footprint in the snow and shortly after my housemates moved in these vapour trails were obliterated.


This was not however the case in my friends new home in the closed down Marie Foster Centre in Barnet. And unlike Camberwell and Gabriel Houses, it had not been converted into offices and was still very much a hospital/rest home in it’s design and decoration. I was invited to a BBQ there and before I decided to go I asked my guides if there would be any work for me to do there… they told me that there were spirits trapped there that I could free and also that I should take my Tarot cards with me. It turned out to be a very eventful day and marked a significant turning point in my development as a medium.


When I arrived, I had determined that I would not drink any alcohol until I had done some spirit release work. This is because alcohol slows down the process and makes the energy very heavy and dull. It doesn’t vibrate so brightly and you cannot hear spirit so clearly. In the TV series ‘Medium’ based at least in the first series on the real life medium Alison Dubois, she would often drink alcohol whenever she wanted to block spirits out. Of course, in my experience you can still sometimes be used, but it takes a lot more effort on their part and the connection is much weaker.


I had a word with my friend who was hosting the party and went off to find the spirits who needed my help. I was contacted by a representative of a group of 7 spirits who informed me that they were Guardians or custodians of the building and the area in general which included some very old houses across the road, and extended down the road to a nearby large old church. They were quite content to remain there and told me they could leave at any time. I asked if they were hostile to the new inhabitants but they did not indicate that they were.. more curious about them than anything.. but they did want me help connect to 2 elderly patients who had been trapped in the building when they had passed.


I searched around for a while and could not feel their prescence anywhere.. eventually I was drawn outside to a door which led into what once was a sun room or day room where patients might be left to sit in reclining chairs to get some light and air and immediately I knew I had found the right location. Creepily enough, whilst all the chairs had been removed from the room, 2 remained. Each had a card notice sitting on it simply stating ‘Condemned’. The chairs were obviously marked for destruction but I couldn’t help but feel the notices were appropriate for the 2 spirits who occupied them too. If the chairs were removed and the building renovated, the spirits may have remained trapped there forever.


I carefully lowered myself into the sturdier of the 2 chairs, and attempted to make contact with the first of the 2 spirits.

I sensed the energy of an old man in the chair I was in. He needed help crossing over because he had lost the use of his legs in life. I told him that his legs worked fine now and he would be able to walk. Nevetheless it took assistance from a nurse to help him. The spirit of a stern but kind woman in her late 40’s came, dressed in her uniform and help him up. I did not know if she had once worked in the facility or not, but I did not need to summon her, she came without my having asked. The old man staggered off with her into the light and were swallowed up.


In my mind’s eye I now turned my thoughts to the second chair, to my right. In it, I now sensed the spirit of a very elderly woman. I got the feeling that she had been sitting there since sometime in the 90’s and that she was not even aware that she was dead. Looking for information on the Centre later on, I discovered that it at one time cared for people suffering neuro-degenrative diseases, which would explain why I had such a hard time getting through to her. I don’t know the history of the building, perhaps it hadn’t been used in this way in the 90’s, but I did feel strongly that she had been there for a long time.


I tried very hard to connect with her…. she didn’t seem aware of anyone or anything around her… I remember reaching my arm out towards her chair and trying to hold on to her invisible hand. ‘C’mon sweetheart’, I said, ‘it’s cross over… just walk into the light.. it’s ok, you can go home now. Your family is waiting for you’. I sensed for a second her mother, but still she barely stirred. I called out towards the blinding white light I could see in my mind, and asked her family who felt as though they were standing invisibly on the very edge of it to come forward and help her. After a moment, a very handsome young man strode forward, wearing a perfectly pressed, crisp, smart World War I uniform. He could only have been about 18. His hair was slick and flattened, and the buttons on his jacket gleamed brightly of gold. Ignoring me, he gently reached down and scooped the old woman up in his arms and smiled at her fondly. This I found extremely moving, and still do every time I think of it.


As he walked slowly, carefully with her towards the light, she started to stir, and awaken almost. She looked up into the face of her older brother whom she had not seen for almost a century and I began to cry. They faded into the light, where I felt the warmth of her family as they greeted her. I made sure I came out of this slowly, grounding myself firmly into the chair, and tapping my feet on the ground. I got up and wished both spirits well on the other side and rejoined the others for the BBQ.


My friend later sent me a text, thanking me for what I had done and sending his mother’s thanks too and she had also apparently sensed the people trapped in the building. They said that the place somehow felt emptier than it had before, though the guardian ghosts still made their prescences felt by moving about at night, making noises.



The Tarot


I mentioned earlier than I brought my Tarot cards to the event. Having completed my spiritual work, or so I thought, I joined in with the BBQ and had a couple of drinks. While we watched some of the others attempting some rather impressive ‘acro-yoga’ on the lawn I chatted to people, and eventually found myself giving several Tarot readings in a quiet room inside. I did 4 readings in total that night.. lasting variously between 30mins and just over an hour. As a result, I didn’t see too much of the party in the later evening, but had a very enjoyable time giving readings to people, most of whom had never had them before.


Each went well, and it boosted my confidence enormously. After the first one, which took a while to get into due to the alcohol I had drunken, I slowly warmed up, and as the drink wore off I got well into the flow. I apologised to my guides for having drunk anything. I had made sure not to before I had performed the spirit release, but forgot I’d also brought my cards. I learned that night that it is still possible to give someone a reading, but it felt very unprofessional, even though I was not charging, and at least a little impolite to the spirits who help me, as they had to work so much hard to come through. Nevertheless, the evening was a great success.


The 4th and last reading I gave was to a very nice, energetic girl. Some impressive evidence emerged during the reading, including noting a symbol on a card which I said refered to her, and finding that the girl had the same symbol tattooed behind her ear where I had not seen it. She also had a word tattood in Thai on her arm, which meant ‘Adventure’, a characteristic quality of her personality which I’d said came up many times in her cards. Lastly, as the reading drew to a close, I was contacted by her spirit guide, who asked me to tell the girl about her. I won’t go into details because each reading is personal and private, but suffice to say we were all very moved by the connection the guide had with the girl, and the similarities between the lives they had lived. A great example of how we are paired up with guides who have much in common with us.


The following day I attended a workshop with my friend Paul, after which we both emerged wondering what we’d just sat through and swearing that we could easily have done better. That experience coupled with the success and powerful emotion of the previous days Tarot and Spirit Release marked a turning point for me, and I decided that I should start teaching what I know to others, and also start writing about it.


I hope to continue doing so as long as I continue working. And I hope that you, dear reader, will continue reading and finding something meaningful to take with you when you go.



With love,

Rex, Robert


Spirit Release/Rescue: Helping Earthbound Spirits Cross Over – Part 2

A continuation of last months article on my experiences to date of spirit releases.

Camberwell House – The Second Seance

One year would pass before I felt compelled to arrange the second clearing and in the mean time a few things happened. While walking home from the shops I became aware of spirits outside a church just up the road who were hanging around and wanting to come to my new release evening. During the first evening we had been aware that not all the spirits who were released had been trapped within the building. Some had come from places nearby. I wasn’t aware that this was possible and I imagine some people would tell you it isn’t, but all of the circle members commented on it at our sharing session after.

For the second clearing all but one of the original members returned and I gave the opening prayer I had written for protection for those in the circle and help from the other side for whatever work was to come. This session was much more involved for me at least than the last one. And whereas the first round had been easy I found the second very draining, difficult and on a couple of occasions a little bit alarming and intense.

As I previously said those who had remained in the building were mainly people with severe mental disabilities. Some of them had been mentally retarded since birth, others were victims of accidents or genetic diseases. In the year that had passed I had been working as an assistant in schools, often with children with special needs. Perhaps it was because of so many fresh experiences that many of the patients attempting to cross over chose to go through me.

I had never before experienced anything quite as physically uncomfortable during trance as I did during that session. I can remember around 8 distinct personalities moving through me, one after the other. Some holding on for a minute as I guided and encouraged them and others for much longer. Most of them could not move properly in life… some had been confined to wheelchairs and so they needed people to help them. I saw in my mind’s eye nurses and orderlies from the other side come to push them into the light. A couple of them overshadowed me very strongly and my face became distorted and screwed up, mimicking their own disfigurement. I tried to shrug a couple of them off when they grabbed on to me too tightly and found it difficult. I had to ask the other circle members to give me a hand with one in particular because my face was beginning to hurt from grimacing. Eventually the anguished spirit was released and crossed over.

One of the others became aware of animals that were taking the opportunity to leave, like birds and foxes and cats which had died in the park which had not happened the first time round, save for some horses and I found it rather strange. But more strange things were to happen. While the others released the spirits from the church up the road who had been in contact with me previously and those trapped in the hospital across the road which is now Camberwell College, I became aware of a dark entity lurking in the garden behind the registry office next door. This frightened me a bit… I naturally wanted to know more about it, but did not wish to contact it directly in case things got out of hand. I’m not quite sure what it was, but it had decided it was going to stay put and did not wish to cross over. It was then that a very powerful being made contact with me, which had come to deal with this entity.

The others were seeing priests coming forward from the other side to help with people who really needed some extra support and for those whose strong religious beliefs had earlier prevented them passing. Amongst those many souls who passed I recall a teenage girl carrying a tiny premature baby in her arms, a woman who had been hit by a stage coach on the road and had lain there for well over 100 years.. a few young children and couple of the more difficult spirits from the top floor.

The being who I was dealing with needed to use me as a sort of anchor or ‘earth’ to ground himself while he battled with the dark force behind the registry. He overshadowed me a little but later lifted off and just used my eyes. This was one of the moments I found most alarming… when I tried to open my eyes I felt them open as normal but I could see nothing but ‘white’. I asked my teacher if my eyes were open and she said yes, but I definitely could not see. It stayed with me and stretched out into the garden, speaking with the dark force. I sensed that this being, who was made of blinding white light with intense glowing eyes was once a holy man. He seemed to be wearing a large hat on his head, a bit like a Pope might wear but with a glowing gold cross on top of it. He spent several minutes attached to me but I was beginning to tire after such a long and intense session. My mentor asked the great spirit if he might leave me now and after a further minute he retreated. I no longer felt the dark entity in the garden. What had happened to it, I do not know exactly, but I know there had been some sort of battle and that healing had been channeled to it.

After all that things began to wind down. I had a couple more people in a queue waiting to pass over with my help and I allowed each to overshadow me in turn until all had gone. We agreed it was time to end and say our closing prayer. This time everything even clearer and lighter. I still detected one or two spirits around, but I felt that a couple of them were still mopping things up and had the ability to depart themselves when they were done. A lot of energy had been built up in the circle and this was used by those spirits to complete their work before it dissipated. We all let out a sigh and began chatting about our experience over nice chocolate biscuits and mugs of hot tea.

A couple of weeks later I was given short notice to move, so I was glad that I had been warned in advance by spirit to pack up my things and to hold the second clearing as I would now not get another chance to do so.

Gabriel House

When I moved, I hoped that the new building, Gabriel House (The Arnold & Jane Gabriel Home) in West Norwood would similarly be haunted, but I was disappointed to find only one curious spirit there after my first night, a young boy in his early teens who fled when he realised I was aware he was there.. and after that not a soul made contact. Considering the history of the building, that it had been a former hospital and orphanage, I had thought there might have been more spirits there but there really wasn’t. That is something I can’t explain. However this was not the case with the hospital one of my housemates from across the road ended up moving to…

This article will continue in the final part for now, Part 3, next week.

Rex, Robert

Taboo Subjects: How Sex Connects Us with Spirit

Under the heading Taboo Subjects, I intend to write a series of pieces on subjects not traditionally covered in spiritual texts, specially stuff relating to sex, drugs and alcohol, and organised religions.

For a long time now, my guides have been urging me to write a piece on this subject. But it’s not really the sort of thing that comes up when you read books or articles on spirituality, the after-life or mediumship. I think a lot of people would find even the thought of bringing up the subject of sex in this context as deeply inappropriate or at the very least distasteful. Organised religion especially associates sex with ‘sin’ which discourages discourse on the subject. But it is in fact because of this lack of dialogue that my guides have urged me to write. Please stick with me as I show you that everyone who has ever has sex with someone they love has already had the experience of connecting to spirit!

When I asked for additional confirmation that I should write on this subject, I met an astrologer who said he had difficulty finding a way to balance his spiritual side with his sexual life. It seems for many people the two are not compatible subjects, with one tainting the experience of the other. With that in mind I decided I would start with the first in what is likely an on-going series of pieces on my experience of sex as a bisexual man and my work as a medium (with healing gifts) and specifically focusing on where the two meet and cross over.

Connecting to Spirit Through Sex

In this piece I’m going to focus on what actually happens during sex, from a spiritual point of view. Obviously this is a very complex subject because there are a great many different sexual experiences. There is a difference between consensual sex and forced, between two people who know each other well and strangers and between people who are in love and those who are not.

Sex is actually a great subject to use as a basis for shared understanding because it is something that most of us do. Whilst some people explore their inner self, connect with guides and channel during meditation, and others experience vivid dreams, this is not something that everyone does. But sex connects us all, either through the desire to have it, or through the actual experience of taking part.

And the desire to be with another person intimately is more than just a physical, chemical need for the purposes of procreation. It is also an intense drive to connect with another persons soul. I see this as very much being linked to the loss of togetherness we feel when we are in the world of spirit. Mortal, physical life separates us from each other and effectively imprisons us within our form. If ever you had been intimate with someone you love very deeply, and with whom you are completely open with you will understand when I talk about the feeling of lifting out of your body and merging with the other person.. of wanting to get so close to them that you leave your body and step inside theirs. The experience could be described as transcendent. Less commonly you may have felt this with someone you knew less well but with whom you had an instant connection or bond. Where they felt so familiar to you that you were able to trust them enough to open up.

Opening Up

What do I mean by ‘opening up’? I mean the feeling of trust you have for someone, whereby you can relax and enjoy the experience without being self-conscious about how they might be interpreting your expressions or emotions or sounds you make, or of how they might be judging your body. If you did feel these concerns you will hold back a bit to protect yourself and not be able to enjoy the fullness of the experience. Working your way past these concerns, fears or insecurities is something actors must do when training to show emotion in front of others. As an actor myself I had to do this, and have always been struck by how similar the process is to a close intimate encounter or opening up for channeling spirit.

And I think this is the first reason why I have been asked by my guides to write these pieces. You might not have been an actor, or have channelled spirit.. but you have probably had sex. Understanding that you have already been through the process of opening up, means you are one step closer to knowing how to channel spirit and connect with your guides.

Imagine if you will for a moment that you are with the man or woman of your dreams and you are deeply in love with them. You might have known each other a while and are completely familiar and comfortable with each other. You feel no self-conscious thoughts, no worries about what they are thinking of you. Inside you experience a warm flush and the experience is quite intense and overwhelming.. a great exchange of love and passion. That is often what it is like for me when I connect with spirit. It may not be that intense every time of course, but even if I feel this only a quarter of the time you can perhaps appreciate how easily channeling can become an addictive experience!

The feeling of euphoria you get when you ‘make love’ to someone is often how I feel when I connect with a dead soul trapped on the earth plain who needs rescue and release, or how I feel when my guides send me healing or comfort. This is often why, when people connect with their guides the first few times in circles it makes them cry. I should also point out how self-conscious people feel when experiencing something akin to the euphoria of intimate sex, in front of a group of strangers! It’s a very difficult thing to do and anyone who has achieved it or even come close should feel a great sense of accomplishment.

The relationship that develops over time with your guides is just as personal and intimate. They know every detail of your life, how you are feeling at any given time. They share some of your joy and sorrows. They have a great love for you, even if you have done something bad. They do their best to protect and help you however they can and will always have respect for your decisions and wishes. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse until death do you unite. They are your ultimate life partners. But it takes 2 to make a marriage and before they can be a part of you life you must say ‘I do’ and accept them and allow them in.

In describing this process and relationship I am also struck by how very similar it is to what Christians say when they talk about the love of ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ and about how they can be a part of your life. I plan on speaking about the common truths between the core of the worlds religions and how they fit in with spirituality in another article sometime, but I think this serves as a great starting point for conversation on that idea.

Physical Phenomena

Coming back to the subject of sex, I want to mention briefly a couple of observations that have been made of me by others during sex that tie in again to my point about the experience being the same as chanelling. In the last few years several people I’ve slept with, who were not mediums or psychics or connected to spiritualism in any way, have commented on physical changes in me when we have been intimate. This has not occurred every time, but has become increasingly more frequent as over time I have developed a closer relationship with my guides and particularly when there has been a strong connection between myself and the other person.

At first this did not strike me as significant because people mentioned it before I even attended my first Trance workshop, but in retrospect I often exhibit some of the same physical phenomena during sex as I do when I am channeling. During circle workshops we are asked to look at the faces of mediums and see if we detect any transmogrification phenomena, such as our faces changing as we take on the aspect of a spirit communicating through us. This has been noted on a several occasions by partners of mine. One in particular was a little startled and said.. “Oh! Your face… for a second there it changed.. you looked like someone else!”. More commonly people will tell me they like the steel blue-grey colour of my eyes… at which point I shock them by saying they are in fact a brown-green hazel. My ‘spirit eyes’ have been commented on during trance and channeling sessions also. Lastly, one partner I was seeing for a while became uneasy and broke up with me because he had been ‘freaked out’ by ‘healing’ phenomena when we were together. I was completely unaware of this, but he claimed that he often felt waves of energy pulsing into him when he was beside me, and particularly if one of my hands was near his head. I was a bit upset that our relationship was ending because of something I didn’t even know was happening, but I am grateful that he shared that with me, albeit in a drunken state, because I know that was very difficult for him to do.

I’m not entirely sure what to make from all this. What does it mean? I hope that in time I will gain further insight into why this happens to me. And I would love to know if anyone else out there has experienced the same things, either exhibiting phenomena themselves or observing it in their partners. The one thing I do know is, connecting with another soul through intimate physical contact is far from being an experience lacking somehow in spiritual depth, but possibly one of the most connective and meaningful experiences you can ever have with another being, living or dead.

Rex, Robert, Matthias

Introduction: Angels, Demons and Other Spirits

In this article I would like to further explore the different forms spirits can manifest themselves in.

This is a tricky subject to cover as it can never be fully comprehensive. Just like the physical creatures here on Earth which exist as a vast number of diverse lifeforms, there are similarly thousands of ‘species’ or forms that spirit can take or exist in. To understand this better it would be necessary to study in a solid scientific way what happens to us when we die and our life force or soul ‘crosses over’. As we cannot yet do this, much of what we know is guess work. We must draw on our own personal experiences and those of others to get even a basic understanding of how things work in this other dimension. Some of these ‘forms’ are more commonly experienced than others, so we have significantly more information on them. Let us begin with those.

Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits

This section deserves an article of it’s own, so I will in brief describe Earthbound spirits as the souls of those who have passed away but which have not yet walked into the light as they say and crossed over to the ‘other side’.

Jinn or Genies

I dislike using the word ‘Genie’ here because it conjures up the fairytale image of a fat man in a loin cloth made of smoke escaping from a bottle and offering you wishes while trying to trick you. I prefer the Arabic name Jinn. In the Qur’an it is believed that Allah created Angels, Humans who were made of clay and Jinn who were made of smoke. It possible that these beings are in fact ghosts or earthbound spirits and the ‘smoke’ is ectoplasm. Unlike Angels, Jinn can be good or bad and seem to have personalities just like humans. They are said to exist in another dimension to ours, which might be considered the place between our physical mortal world and ‘the other side’ that earthbound spirits are sometimes caught in.

Angelic Beings

A great number of articles could be devoted to this on it’s own! Much literature has been written on the subject of Angels… their ‘hierachy’, how many of them there are, what their names are, what they do etc. I never feel comfortable when those who write such material share their insight or assumptions and present them as fact and the ONLY truth. The instant you say there are 7 Arc Angels, an 8th undocumented one will make itself known to someone and then people will be divided over it. My advice is always to remain open-minded in these things and not to limit yourself.

As I understand it there are many Angels. That these beings are at different levels of ‘ascension’, meaning how close they are to what might be called ‘Source Energy’ or ‘God’. And that they perform many varied functions, the most well-known being to provide healing, protection and relief to the suffering of mankind. This is something of a gross generalisation of course. But there is not scope in this piece to elaborate further.

It is also my belief that not all Angels work with humans… some work with animals, some with plants and others tend to the environmental elements of the Earth and other planets. My knowledge gained from actual personal experience and channeled wisdom becomes sketchy at this point, but I am increasingly being led to believe that these Angels are what might be known as ‘Elementals’. Some of these elemental angels may have been worshipped as classic and tribal gods of the sea, sky, nature and the earth such as Neptune, Flora, and Ceres, Ra, Seth and Geb, Gaia, Zeus, Poseidon and Demeter, Aakash, Thor, Torngarsuk, Wuluwaid, Jengu, etc etc.

Other nature spirits, such as fairies, sprites, pixies, elves and gnomes may also be angelic elementals. Native American and Japanese animal spirit gods may also fall into this category. Alternatively these spirits may be Jinn as referred to in Arabic beliefs and something separate from Angels.

Animal Spirits

This is another area on which I am foggy, but I have had a few strong experiences with animals spirits. In particular I have had a phantom cat which comes and visits me from time to time when I’m in bed asleep. The first few times it really scared the hell out of me, but the last visit I remember it rubbing it’s wet ghost nose on my face and purring in my ear as it walked up my back and then over my head in the way cats do when they are trying to get your attention. I wasn’t scared that time, it just made me giggle and was kinda comforting. I’m not sure what it’s purpose is in coming to see me, but it may be the spirit of one of the many cats my mother took in over the years as at least 2 of them took a shine to me especially.

In circle and workshops I have been aware of animal spirits who have come to visit mediums. We have had little birds, butterflies, cats and dogs. I recently became alarmed when I felt the spirit of a very large dog, possibly a wolfhound walk past me and circle around as I sat at my desk. This was the first time an animal had come to me while I was awake since I was a child when I had giant spiders and lions visit me though I was unafraid of them at the time.

I have yet to work out if animals are reincarnated people or spirits rising through a soul journey and hoping to one day become people. I hope one day to gain more insight into this.

Supernatural Life Forms

There is a very grey area which I have been drawn to over the years concerning supernatural creatures.
This category might include classic and popular supernatural beings such as Mothmen, Werewolves and Vampires.

The most widespread of these are perhaps the many varieties of wild men or sasquatch around the world. My casual research over time has left me surprised by just how many different areas have sightings of these creatures…. but are they mythical or real?
The scientific research into this has not revealed any conclusive evidence, though phenomena has been experienced and I am certain some sightings are genuine. I decided to ask my guides about this to see if they had any information. They turned my thoughts to an idea which I had been contemplating regarding forms of life on Earth which are invisible to the human eye. My thinking here being that just as a snake can see with thermal vision, other creatures with night vision, some with sonic vibrations and some with taste receptors picking up pheromones in the air, there may in fact be animals which exist in a spectrum of light and a frequency of sound which humans are usually unable to perceive unless the vibration or light refraction of the creature or environment changes sufficiently. This may mean then that earthbound spirits do not in fact exist in another dimension as such, more that they are here with us, but in a state which we cannot easily perceive. If you extend this thinking to beings like the Sasquatches, Yeti, Orang-Pandek and the rest, then it’s possible that these creatures have the ability to phase in and out between semi-corporeal or visible and non-physical invisible states.It’s just a theory, but one which I will continue to think on and develop and hope for further channeled guidance.

Demonic Beings

We cannot have a section devoted to beings of the light without including a section on those who dwell in darkness. For every type of being described in the sections above it is possible to find individuals who for one reason or another have become malevolent. I do not wish to dwell on this area as to do so would be to attract some of these spirits and give them the attention or energy they seek. But it would leave a gap in this piece if we did not include them, especially as they are a source of significant fear in those thinking of delving into the world of spirits and the supernatural.

I will first say that when I am channeling I am always pretty heavily protected. I have many guides who work with me who, as I have mentioned in a previous note on Guides, act like bouncers at a door. If you add in the relatives around me, plus a whole host of peaceful and benevolent spirits who wish to communicate through me, then it really would take some effort for a negative entity to break its way through to me.

Channeling spirit is something I do voluntarily, and whilst some spirits can be pushy in their eagerness to connect with loved ones, none of them have to power to force themselves on me or remain connected once I have decided to end the communication. Those who use things such as ouija boards however, do not have such protection, and often open their metaphysical doors to any passing stranger with no bouncers or guards to filter who might come in. It is perhaps then unsurprising that hostile and malevolent spirits may use this opportunity to create mischief and disturbance or pursue some business they believe is unfinished.

Many darker beings are simply earthbound spirits who having failed to cross over for some reason then decide to ‘attach’ themselves to living people. They will drain energy from that person and encourage them to do activities which they themselves enjoyed in life, often picking people with a weakness for those things. This can include alcoholism, drug addiction and aggressive or extreme sex. Appropriately they often lurk in bars, drug houses and sex clubs, waiting for someone in a vulnerable enough state for them to attach to. They do not ‘possess’ their hosts… they are more like leeches than controllers, whispering in their victims ear. You might liken this to the stereotypical little red devil sitting on your shoulder encouraging you to bad behaviour, while on the other, one of your guides is likely trying to counter their suggestion and shoo the interloper away. This is not to absolve people from taking responsibility for their own actions of course, but it never helps an addict to give up their vice when they have someone else egging them on. I have been aware of such attachments on a couple of occasions when I witnessed friends who were under the influence of heavy drugs walking around with a black cloud floating above their heads and on one occasion another drunken reveller at a party kept slurring that one of these guys I’d spotted with the cloud had the devil in him… I certainly understood what he meant. Quite often however you simply aren’t aware they are there. Coming back to the topic of personal responsibility I should also add that not all addicts have entities attached.

Just as there are different classes of angelic being, there too are different classes of demonic. The most common are the kind I have mentioned above, simple earthbound spirits who are unhappy. Some of them develop very strong powers, such as poltergeists who tend to haunt buildings and who have the power to move objects. A banshee is another type of unhappy spirit who has found a way to create sounds audible to human ears.

On rare occasions however some beings powers develop further and they evolve into something else. Similarly there may be Jinn or Elementals and other Nature Spirits who go this way too. I have fortunately had little to do with beings like this so far, but if you refer to another note I will soon post on the subject of Spirit Release / Spirit Rescue ceremonies, I share one account of a being which connected with me during one clearing who had come to deal with one of these darker forces.

My final word on this piece is that the above should not be considered ‘definitive’. I’m certain there are things I do not yet know which I have not covered, and it is always possible that further channeled information I might receive in the future may contradict some of my theories. In many ways I hope they do, as the discovery and learning is one of the many thrilling aspects of this work.

Rex, Robert